Michael Sanders

Client Services Manager 404-604-3800 404-604-3897

About Michael Sanders

Michael is the backbone of our inner office coordination and management of all transactions, and maintains direct contact with all our clients, both Sellers and Buyers. He is a licensed REALTOR®, who is onsite and in office every day, overseeing the minutiae and all details of bringing every transaction to a seamless, well-communicated close.

Michael’s strengths are in managing multiple listings and contracts, seamlessly and on-time.  Michael works energetically and effectively with every individual and business, involved on a personal, professional, ethical, and legal level.  This includes managing punch lists with attention to detail as well as having broad knowledge and experience in working with our closing attorneys and lenders.

With Michael at the helm of office administration, every aspect of our client relationships is fulfilled; exceeding expectations of everyone involved, time and time again.  Keith receives praise of Michael’s role from every client in every transaction.